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Missing teeth need to be replaced as soon as adequate bone healing has occurred

so as to restore the form and function of the supporting structures including opposing teeth, the surrounding cheeks.Without teeth replacement the phrase collapses making you look older than you are. Changes in speech are also noted, you may fail to chew properly.

Cobalt Chrome Denture

It is made up of plastic plate that is combined with a metal flamework to enhance stability. It's primary support is derived from other and supportive the bone.

Removable Partial Denture

Placed on either jaw to replace missing teeth. It is made of a plastic material known as Acrylic. It may have addational features such as metal wires known as Clasps which are used for extra retention. The plastic plate as well as the teeth are made of a plastic called Acrylic.


A fixed method of replacing missing teeth.Safely done after 6 months of tooth loss, to allow for maximum bone shrinkage. The bridge maybe made of porcelain matal, Zirconium, Semi precious metal and precious metal.

Complete Denture

This is a total replacement of missing teeth.Commonly done for ageing persons who have already undergone absolute tooth loss. The dentures are made of a type of plastic known as acrylic.


We Keep You Smiling

At MAC Dental we believe that teeth are made for life. By maintaining a healthy dentition you are able to enhance your quality of life. Your teeth are like diamonds, they are precious and should be preserved throughout your life time.Treat each tooth as compassionately as you would your eyes.

About Us

MAC Dental is an ultra-modern state of the art dental clinic.We provide specialized dental services with gentleness and efficiency. Our  core values are; integrity discipline, hard work and commitment to our patients.

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Thika Bazaar,2nd Flr,Room #2, along Kenyatta Highway

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