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Bad breath

Bad breath

BAD BREATH Bad breath (also known as Halitosis) is one of the most common dental problems that occur among individuals. Having bad breath can have adverse consequences on your confidence and social life. People find it difficult to relate with individuals who have bad breath at work, school and even home. It is caused by poor oral hygiene. Failure to brush and floss teeth regularly leads to the buildup of food materials between the teeth which is broken down by the bacteria present in our mouths leading to the production of unpleasant smell. A dry mouth can also be a cause of bad breath, it occurs when the body does not produce enough saliva. Saliva is important because it works around the clock to wash your mouth, if you have limited saliva then your mouth is not cleaned as it should be. Other causes of bad breath include gum diseases, and life style choices such as cigarette smoking and alcohol and substance use. Bad breath can be remedied by: 1.Flossing and brushing your teeth at least twice a day. 2.Brushing your tongue to prevent buildup of plaque on it 3.Taking copious amounts of pure water (not flavoured water or tea) 4.Quitting destructive habits such as smoking and finally 5.Visiting your dentist at least twice a year. Regular checkups enable your dentist to detect any problems such as gum disease or dry mouth and stop them before they become a serious problem. Visit us today for your routine checkup, we will definitely keep you smiling.

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