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Grinding of teeth

Grinding of teeth


Naturally, teeth should only contact during mastication i.e. chewing of food and swallowing of saliva. Any other time that they meet is regarded as a paranormal function, such as teeth grinding. The grinding of teeth when at rest is technically known as BRUXISM.

It commonly occurs when the unsuspecting person is asleep a matter that can only be verified by their spouse, room-mate or parent. Some people grind their teeth while fully awake subconsciously.

There is no single cause for bruxism but associated trigger factors include (but not limited to)



Sleep disorders

Tooth imbalance(whereby some teeth may feel taller than others and the patient starts grinding in an attempt to size the teeth down) 

Teeth grinding causes increased incidence of headaches; worn out teeth surfaces; joint disorders and pain; muscle aches and spasms. This condition is addressed by first identifying the most probable cause of the problem e.g. if it is stress; to identify stress relieving tendencies or complete avoidance of the causative factor. Evaluating this with your dentist is essential as they are able to do a comprehensive examination and develop a treatment plan that is specialized for you.

If conservative modes of treatment do not work, then one may require to wear a SPLINT (Michigan Splint) which is a custom made silicon tray. It covers the contact points of the teeth in one arch thereby effectively preventing any tooth-tooth contact. Visit us today to get professional help. For more insights on this and many other dental issues join us next Tuesday on our weekly blog as we keep you smiling.

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