Dental fillings is a key routine medical dental service. We provide the best and most comprehensive dental fillings in Kenya. Its the wear and tear of the teeth or a broken tooth that necessitates the need for dental fillings. How does this happen?

Once your tooth develops decay that goes beyond the outer layer of your tooth known as enamel. If your tooth is broken or has surface wear and tear, it usually needs to be restored by filling it. MAC Dental does this safely by removing the diseased portion of your tooth and preparing the remaining part properly. Then its patched up using the following tooth filling materials: metal alloys, glass ionomer cement, resin composites or other types of cement

Dental Fillings in Kenya.

Dental Fillings in Kenya

A dental filling is a medical procedure that is conducted to restore worn out or decayed tooth to its closest natural appearance. We are one of those dental fillings clinics that carry out safe and comprehensive dental fillings services in Kenya. Our team of qualified dentists are available all the time to give you the best dental fillings services in Kenya. Every patient is treated with specialized care involving comprehensive services.

Before we do fillings of cavities, our dentists safely numbs your teeth, gums and surrounding skin to avoid and lessen discomfort during the procedure. After that we drill out the decay in your tooth and replace it with a filling safely and professionally. This process only takes a few minutes to be completed successfully. We offer quality services to all Kenyans more especially to the residents of Nairobi and Kiambu counties as the best dental fillings clinic in Kenya.

You can book an appointment with us today to enjoy our services as the provider of quality dental fillings in Kenya.

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